We do not have drivers and hosting . I was only an intermediary that provides a link to the original source without reducing and adding . Nevertheless , I strongly believe in corporate as the owner of authentic files who has the full of authority and allow us to share information
Internet users not only in part of the group, but could include the international access anytime and anywhere . This is what makes us strongly believe , that what we are doing through this blog does not violate the rules . As a user , you can not blame us if at this time or in the future by reason of the content of the materials we use at the moment .

Data Store

Once, we do not have data hosting to store . we just provide valid and detail information  as possible with a bit of adding a review based on our experience .


All contents of this blog based on the source file's owner . we add to the language we use simply with no intention of reducing the meaning of the content . We would include the source of the article we took from another blog to be reference.

 In making this Blog, i have some partners to discuss before posting. I make sure that all of link is valid and work when you install in your device.

Why i use the blogspot to make this blog? We know that  blogspot is free from Google. And the most important thing i should write is "Google is the right thing in my view". Then, I will do the right thing  i know through to this blog.

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